What do we offer?

What colors we offer, symbolism of our colors? Color of the year—Peach Fuzz


Hey there! We are so glad to have you with us, hopefully you´ll stay with us for a long time because what we have prepared for you is truly AMAZING! For those of you who have just landed into our a 100 blog, we want to let you know a little more of what is behind a 100 Roses. Can you guess the surprise behind a 100 roses´ name? We are born into a lifestyle brand which intends to give you the best direct fresh cut roses from our farms, that’s why on this occasion we want to offer you not only 10 or 20 roses… this time it’s a 100 beautiful, stunning roses! We promise you´ll fall in love with them the minute you see them, because let´s be serious… you cannot not fall in love with a giant bouquet of a100roses!!

In A100roses our essence is 100% modern, elegant, trendy, joyful and feminine. On today´s blog we will be telling you more about our different types of floral arrangements and the beautiful colors we have available. Our main product is a floral arrangement of a 100 roses that comes inside a box. A 100 roses offers a vast amount of color choices from which you can choose a box with roses of 1 color, or you can mix and match up to 5 different colors. Did you know that we offer more than 8 colors for you to combine your boxes? You can see all of our beautiful colors here: Products – Roses Delivery (a100roses.com)

P.D: Remember that the most beautiful gift you can gift someone is a fresh cut bouquet of the best roses in the world!! Don´t wait to send an expression of love, from Ecuador to your door.

With love,

A 100 Roses.