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With more than two decades cultivating the finest Ecuadorian roses from seed to bloom, the team at a100 has perfected the process of offering the most vibrant and long-lasting fresh cut roses available. As a result of our hard work, we are proud to call ourselves pioneers in the floriculture industry, and we are now ready to introduce something new…

Entering 2020 a100roses is born into a lifestyle brand offering farm direct fresh cut roses all across the globe. We understand flowers create intimate connections and have an immediate impact on happiness as well as long-term positive effects on mood. Spreading happiness to the world through our roses and being part of your daily life and spaces is at the heart of our mission.  We look forward to being part of your joy.

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    easter holiday flowers


    What flowers represent Easter Holidays?

    Take a look around easter holidays and you’ll start to see the signs in the first months of spring when flowers begin to bloom!

    Were you aware that this Miracle Garden in Dubai even existed? Well, let´s be honest.. most people around the world have NEVER heard about it!

    TIME TO LEARN! Dubai Miracle Garden and everything you need to know about it!

    A LOT of people don´t really know the magic and the hidden meaning behind the numerical part of the roses you get!

    The hidden meaning of the number of roses in a bouquet! 🤫🤫


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