Today is… TTL: TIME TO LEARN! Dubai Miracle Garden and everything you need to know about it!

Hold up, before we begin… were you aware that this Miracle Garden in Dubai even existed? Well, let´s be honest.. most people around the world have NEVER heard about it! This is why we will be talking about this magical place today, and giving you all the info you want about it! Who’s excited? Cause WE ARE! This is a place like no other we´ve seen… trust us!

Dubai Miracle Garden is the sort of place which is well and truly beyond words, LITERALLY. Given that it is called Miracle Garden, and the fact that it is located in Dubai, one would almost expect to see a really amazing garden. However, the word amazing does not even begin to describe this horticultural marvel.

Here are some interesting facts about this marvelous place:

  • It officially opened after completion of the first phase in 2013 on Valentine’s Day, what a GREAT day to open it right?
  • Originally covering an area of 72,000 square meters, Dubai Miracle Garden has grown to be the biggest natural flower garden in the world, and home to more than 100 million flowers. 
  • The garden has 45 different varieties of flowers!
  • The Dubai Miracle Garden is usually open from October to April and is closed from June to September due to the high temperatures in the region. 
  • Obviously keeping more than 100 million flowers happy requires a considerable amount of water. In fact, Dubai Miracle Garden swallows up just over 757,000 liters of water every day!!! 

If you are a big fan of flowers and the visual aesthetic of gardens filled up with flowers, well let us tell you something.. this might actually be your next destination! You will definitely be in a rose and flower PARADISE, no doubt! 

Flowers and especially roses are such an important part of our world, even though we do not usually see them as this, but they are part of our beautiful nature and there is no better feeling than the one of having roses and flowers at your house, roses on your nightstand and seeing them every morning when you wake up. Roses are just… BREATHTAKING! So imagine if you are already in love with your day to day roses and flowers, how is it like seeing a garden with more than 100 million flowers? 



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