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What flowers represent Easter Holidays?

Take a look around easter holidays and you'll start to see the signs in the first months of spring when flowers begin to bloom!

Dubai Miracle Garden and everything you need to know about it!

were you aware that this Miracle Garden in Dubai even existed? Well, letĀ“s be honest.. most people around the world have NEVER heard about it!

The hidden meaning of the number of roses in a bouquet! šŸ¤«šŸ¤«

A LOT of people donĀ“t really know the magic and the hidden meaning behind the numerical part of the roses you get!

5 Influential florists you should know about TODAY!

o make things easier for you weā€™ll give you a list of 5 of some of the most influential floral designers you will definitely want to follow and take a look at! LETĀ“S GET TO IT!

8 tips on how to create your own floral arrangements! šŸ’

Creating your own floral arrangements, or DIY floral arrangements, can be a very expansive way of exploring your creativityā€¦

Green Roses: the psychology and meaning behind this stunning color.. stay tuned for St Patricks!

At St. Patricks is right around the corner, the chosen color for today is: GREEN. Now we ask you: how does the color green make you feel?

Give a 100 roses to your favorite superwoman!

First of all, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY! Another year where we meet up with one of the most special, plus valuable commemorations of the entire year. This day really has a place in our lives, not only women's lives, but in everyone's lives.

Don't Pinch me! I'm wearing GREEN!

It's that month of the year againā€¦ a really exciting month, especially for the Irish! March 17th is a day where the only color we will see will beā€¦ GREEN! YEP you read that right! St. Patricks is such a fun Irish descendant holiday celebrated worldwide and today we want to give you 10 facts you didn't know about St. Patricks! Get comfortable and put some green clothes on!

Sisterhood Monday! 10 Heroic femenine figures in our history!

Awareness is what is needed a little more of in the world we live in today. Of course we know some of the most common heroic women figures of the world, but the truth is, there are more than 60 heroic figures that SO many people have no clue about! On todayĀ“s history class weĀ“ll be listing 10 important women figures you didnĀ“t even know existed!

KNOW YOUR FACTS! 6 WomenĀ“s Day Facts you didnĀ“t know until today!

There is such a big amount of history behind International WomenĀ“s Day celebration that many people are not aware of. FACTS are very important in order to be able to understand WHY International WomenĀ“s Day is celebrated around the world. Today, we'll give you 6 facts you didn't know about this day!

Where there is a woman... there is MAGIC

Truly though, where there is a woman, there is magic. Women are magical human beings. The world has the privilege of having diverse, magical, powerful, strong, faithful, beautiful, confident and remarkable women. Have you ever thought what the world would be like without women?Ā 


What do you consider are some of the most important qualities a team needs to have in order to accomplish your biggest and wildest dreams and goals? WeĀ“ll tell you our core values and qualities we need from our teamā€¦ HARD WORK AND PERSEVERANCE.


Today is such a beautiful moment to be aliveā€¦ life is but a spectacular experience that we, as humans get the opportunity to LIVE and experience each day. Life has different symbols that express different feelings.

Why are flowers a perfect gift? Here are 3 of our favorite reasons!

Today more than ever, the world needs us to express our love and feelings in ways that not only are material, but in a more personal, sentimental way that gets to our heart.

3 tips to get your Floral Business Ready for ValentineĀ“s Day!

Today we want to give you 3 tips to help your floral businesses get ready for Valentineā€™s Day! Organization is the key!

Introducingā€¦. PantoneĀ“s colors of the year, 2021 get ready!

New year, new colors!! We love a life full of colors, like you may have seen, we have more than 10 colors of rose varieties!

5 UNIQUE ValentineĀ“s Day gift ideas that will get you loving right away!

On todayĀ“s blog we want to give you 5 unique gift ideas for the upcoming ValentineĀ“s season!! First of all, depending on your partner, friends, or familyĀ“s taste, you know them better than anyone, and for this you know what type of gifts they are going to really like! But as a general idea, we want to share with you 5 ideas that will help you this ValentineĀ“s!

HISTORY WHAT?! 3 Interesting facts you didnĀ“t know about ValentineĀ“s Day history!

Most people celebrate ValentineĀ“s Day only because it is the most known love celebration of the year. However almost no one knows the real story behind ValentineĀ“ Day celebration and its real history.Ā 

8 tips youĀ“ll love on how to take care of your roses at home!!

Firstā€¦ we want to know, how many of you have bought a stunning bouquet of roses, with the idea that they would last a couple of weeks, but suddenly your roses die after a few days? Not even lasting a week! Are you ready for the best 8 rose care hacks? LetĀ“s begin.

Ecuadorian Roses: TOP QUALITY roses just for you!

Our Roses are known to be TOP quality in the world, do you want to know why? Stay here with us, today we have a new blog entry made especially for YOU! We know youĀ“ll love it as much as we do!


Can you guess the surprise behind a 100 rosesĀ“ name? We are born into a lifestyle brand which intends to give you the best direct fresh cut roses from our farms, thatā€™s why on this occasion we want to offer you not only 10 or 20 rosesā€¦

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