Mark your calendars because August 1st is FRIENDSHIP DAY!

Click here to read 4 facts about friendship day you never knew about!

What is friendship? What does this very special word actually mean? Though difficult to define, according to psychologists, it’s a relationship marked by people voluntarily coming to rely on one another for emotional and social support and interaction. Friendships are different to other relationships because they often bring a lot of pleasure and fulfilment when in the company of your dearest friends! Read more about friendship day below.

Friendships are about mutual giving and taking, meaning each person contributes to the relationship to make it strong and beneficial, and as we all may be well aware of, friendships tend to evolve over time. Some friendships continue to grow throughout the years, and some friendships can also end!  They can go through phases of being strong, go through times of distance or separation, and vary based on how much time and commitment each person has to devote to the relationship. Today we want to share 4 facts about friendship day and what you can give to your BFF´S on this special day…. of course we’re talking about giving them a gorgeous, premium bouquet of A100 ROSES!

  1. The idea of celebrating friendships came about in the 1930s through the greeting cards company, Hallmark.
  2. Though unpopular in both the US and Europe, the idea of honoring friendships was adopted by several countries in Asia from the 1950s onwards, including China, Malaysia and India, where friends exchange gifts. It is also popular in Latin America.
  3. The aim of International Friendship Day is to help bridge the gaps between people of different ages, races, colors, nationality, and religion in order to build strong communities that embrace difference.
  4. Celebrated on the first Sunday of August each year, the official origin of Friendship Day in America goes back to 1935, when Congress announced its importance and the need to dedicate a day especially for honoring friends.

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PS: take care of your closest friends and ALWAYS grow your friendships into the best relationships you have in your lives. FRIENDS ARE ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY IN LIFE and we honestly don’t know what we’d do without friends, never let them go!



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