The hidden meaning of the number of roses in a bouquet! 🤫

As you may have seen before, roses come in a diverse variety of colors for all of you to enjoy,

however A LOT of people don´t really know the magic and the hidden meaning behind the numerical part of the roses you get! Whether you get them as a gift, or if you want to buy some for yourself, the number of roses you give or buy has a hidden meaning!

👉1 rose: used to express expressing love at first sight. How Romantic!!

👉7 roses:  Such a bouquet is a sign of true love and deep affection. 7 roses of any color symbolize your love and are definitely a good gift for a special occasion (birthday, anniversary).

👉9 roses:  One of the most popular bouquets, because 9 roses symbolize eternal love. You can safely order such a bouquet for a person whom you have no doubt in love and celebrate your ETERNAL LOVE!

👉12 roses: Such a bouquet has many similar meanings, all of which are associated with love. You can order 12 roses for your loved one on an important occasion and for no reason. Even if you do not add a card with your words to such a bouquet, 12 roses without any extra words mean “I want to be yours!” or “Be mine!”. Also, 12 roses mean “I think of you 12 months of the year” and can be a great gift for an anniversary of dating or wedding.

👉21 roses: The hidden meaning of such a bouquet is your devotion and true belief that you and your loved one are lucky to be together.

👉33 roses: While 3 roses mean love, 33 roses mean perfect love, ideal relationships between people.

👉100 roses: 100 roses is a symbol of a deep spiritual connection with a person and 100% confidence in feelings. Also, it represents boundless love, the absence of doubts about feelings and the promise to always take care of the person to whom you give such a bouquet. A bouquet of 100 premium roses, which you can order directly at our site will most likely cause the most beautiful reaction because giving a 100 roses represents the biggest expression of love and generosity towards someone!

Did you know about the numerical symbolism of the amount of roses you choose to give to someone? Well let’s just say that YOU LEARNED SOMETHING NEW TODAY! 👏 Don´t forget to visit our main site to check out our beautiful rose boxes that can serve extremely well for the PERFECT gift for this upcoming Mother´s Day holiday!

And remember… MOTHERS ROCK! You can start celebrating their amazing existence starting today, by giving them your favorite a 100 rose box as well as a pre-celebration for this wonderful day!

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