The world’s most stunning roses await you! Now, customize your own mix box with your favorite color combinations. Add a personal touch to brighten any occasion. Which colors suit your style best? Red: symbolizes passion and love. Orange: represents energy and enthusiasm. Yellow: signifies happiness and joy. Hot Pink: exudes excitement and vibrancy. Coral Peach: offers warmth and charm. White: symbolizes purity and elegance. Lavender: evokes serenity and tranquility. Light Pink: represents sweetness and innocence. Cream: exudes sophistication and grace. Medium Pink: combines charm and grace.Remember, you can choose from two to four colors per mix box, allowing you to create your perfect combination of beauty and elegance.

Our A100Roses box contains 50 to 100 of the finest Ecuadorian rose stems, grouped into bouquets, in premium packaging, packed with love by the hands of women producers from the Andean region.

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